Wishlist #2

Dec 23, 2011

Once upon a time, there was a little boy. He was so in love that he could not sleep and do his homework.
It was the day before Christmas when the little boy made a decision. What he decided to do was not easy for him, but he wanted it so much. it was his dream to make a special present for the one he loved, so he went off to do it.


Later that day Santa Claus found a little box labelled “wishlist”. He smiled and said, ‘This young boy is really hungry for Christmas. It must be a huge wishlist.’
He opened the box and looked what was inside… his breath almost stopped.


Inside this little box was a piece of paper with shaky letters written on it, a picture of the little boy and the guy he admired the most. Beneath that, Santa found a little heart. It was the heart of the boy, decorated with a silk rope. The letter said, he ripped out his own heart and wanted Santa to give it to the guy he loved. And that he was not strong enough to give all his love to that guy so he decided to make a special present for him.


Santa Claus visited that guy the next day, and with tears in his eye he said that he will get the biggest and most beautiful present.

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