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Most annoying day ever #2
Dec 22, 2012

I was mistaken.
The really most annoying day is Dec. 22nd, 2012. We do totally have clever people around us, one by one noticing that they haven’t died yet. Facebook was full of that shit…. and so on.



Honestly, if some jerk like van Däniken told you a story about Aliens conquering the world, would you really be afraid of it?



I can only ask every single one of you to please use their own minds and not let anyone tell horror stories.


BE WISE, next time!

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Most annoying day ever
Dec 20, 2012

I think, that Dec. 21st, 2012 will be the most annoying day on earth. My friend list of over 6.700 friends will be totally flipping about the apocalypse day. Facebook will be full of that shit. Different to other day when it is full of various shit.

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Hello world!
Dec 14, 2011

Good news, everyone 🙂
I had some time to set up my new website. But I’m still missing some content on here.
So if you want something special to appear on my website, just let me know.

Have fun!

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