A crossword
Oct 24, 2012

“The first word you see describes you.”
What’s your word? Post it as a comment 🙂

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If being gay…
Jul 27, 2012 • via mobile

If being gay was a disease then call your boss and say “I’m not coming today, I’m still gay.” 😀

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Girls’ logic
Jun 05, 2012

Girl: He’s nice, but I prefer dating some asshole and let them break my heart. Then I can say all guys are the same.
Me: I prefer being gay and let someone break my asshole. Then I can say I fucking don’t need girls like you.

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CSD Nuernberg 2011
Aug 07, 2011

Some impressions of the Christopher-Street-Day in Nuremberg

Want more pictures? Drop a comment below and I wil lsee what I can do for you.

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