Sometimes people change

Nov 13, 2011

You’ve known these people for ages, they were your friends, collegues, class mates. You’ve gone through a lot of shit with them, had good and bad times, thought you would know them well. But as the time goes by, you notice that something changed.

What is it that has changed? It’s the people themselves. The way you talk to ech other, the way they treat you is not as it was before. Things have changed, people have changed. It’s like you expect something familiar and get face-slapped with something new you don’t like. Weird? Definately. Strange? Yes. Makes me sad? Oh yes…

It’s the good old time you desire back and you would give everything if it lasted forever. But to me it seems like a natural thing that good things can never persist. At least we have locked in our memories what makes us smile and what we’ve been so proud of once.

Can we preserve our friends from turning apart like this? I’m afraid we can’t… And what is making me really sad is that once they changed they will never return to what they have been before.

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