Facebook DOs and DON’Ts

Jun 08, 2011

Facebook is the largest and most known social community in the world. Millions of users come together and share their activities. To make such a community safe and worth it, everyone should stick to a few simple rules.
This article shows you more than 30 things you should do or skip when you are on facebook. Read carefully, these rules will make ‘life’ on facebook much easier for you.

1. Don’t misuse the status function. It says ‘What are you doing?’ and not ‘What are you doing every 5 minutes?’.

2. Post useful and interesting things. Posts like “I just saw a cat going by” are crap. Instead, tell us something about your day or what you did with your friends today.

3. Don’t become a fan of facebook pages that are not matching you. People will laugh at you when you add pages like “I love sex in the morning” or “Unwanted Blowjobs” and you’re still a virgin.

4. Sort your friends. Create lists. I know you’ve already had 4500 friends on facebook… but you never talk to all of them. Creating a “favorite” list with your best friends, family, etc. in it will make facebook usable again.

5. Don’t like your own statuses or pictures. People might think that you’re a weirdo and afraid of not being “cool” on facebook.

6. Take good pictures of you. Front and side takes are okay, but 127 pictures from upper left … in the bathroom, of course … are not. We had that when we were 13 or something.

7. Please NEVER send any presents over facebook. It’s nice when you think of your friends. But do they really need presents which they need to join an app for to use them? How about presents in real life? Much better, I think.

8. If you want to show your enhanced contact data, be sure to set your privacy correctly. Only friends (or fave lists) should be able to see your email, messenger name or phone number. Otherwise everyone will be able to add you and will bother you with messages like “Hiiiii I’m Emiilyyy. You’re soooo sweet

9. Don’t be an attention whore. Statuses like “my grandma fell down the stairs” might sound even funny but they won’t draw peoples attention on you.

10. Never ever (!) post hate statuses when someone has been annoying to you or your girlfriend broke up with you. Statuses like “I f*ckin hate that f*ckin bitch” will make you look creepy in the real world.

11. Don’t post subliminal statuses. If you love someone and want to tell him, write his name. Because we also want to know 😉

12. look at the pictures of people who send you friend requests. Even if you don’t recognize them from the photo currently on display you may recognize the person from a different picture.

13. Don’t publish pictures of everything you are eating/drinking/doing. People will definately create a food list for you and give you health support :’D

14. Tag the pictures you post so that friends know when you have put their picture online. It is only fair to let people know when you have put their likeness on the internet. And ask them ‘before’ you upload their pictures!

15. Don’t add people randomly and tell them you did it by accident. Be honest and tell them that you like their picture or think they are pretty.

16. Create a private group for you and your close friends. Make the group administrated and by invite only and only allow friends to join if you know them in real life.

17. Don’t use celebrity names. You are not Justin Bieber, neither Andi Sixx or whatever. People will hate you for names like “Regina Sixx Kaulitz” or “Daniel ‘Bieber’ Smith”.

18. Report any threats of violence or other inappropriate posts or images to Facebook and to the proper real world authorities like school officials, parents and police. Internet mobbing and criminality may exceed much more than you have ever expected!

19. Don’t put your name in apostrophes or inverted commas just to be first place in your friends’ list.

20. Don’t ever announce on your wall, or on any public wall, where you plan to go or who you plan to go with. Cyber stalkers are a real threat and if you have one this tells them where to find you in real life.

21. Don’t post allegedly funny pictures and tag all your friends. It’s annoying…!

22. Never ever create an event for your party on facebook. Words about it will be spread for sure, and your party might have 1.500 visitors. Additionally, so called ‘facebook parties’ are forbidden in some countries.

23. Don’t use false profile pictures. It’s a frown letting us think you were a pokemon.

24. Don’t be afraid to join public groups about interests you share. Just be careful what you post on the walls of these groups.

25. Never ask people to ‘like’ or ‘comment’ your statuses or pictures. This is really pathetic.

26. Don’t ever put your relationship status to ‘It’s complicated’ unless it’s really that worse. Instead go off facebook and do something for your girlfriend/boyfriend.

27. Don’t link all your instant messengers (Skype, Icq, Msn, whatever) and flood your facebook profile with status updates (“I’m so bored” 25 seconds ago via ICQ).

28. Don’t use pictures smaller than a stamp. People will think you’re fake and dumb enough to use the preview pictures from Google image search.

29. If you think you’re too damn pretty for this world and people might steal your pictures and fake you, simply put a watermark or your name on your pictures. So it’s almost impossible to steal them and pretend to be you.

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