2012 – our world going down?

Jan 08, 2012

Is the year 2012 the end of our world? Fuck, no!!

If we decided today to develop a new calendar system, how far in time would we go? 100 years or even a thousand? Maybe 5000 years or longer? It depends on what the calendarian system would be created for.

Let’s say, we go 2000 years into the future and stopped our calender then, maybe because schemes would repeat themselves, we’d have decided that we won’t put more and more effort in it to continue our work because mankind should be intelligent enough to recognize it’s patterns and be able to continue on their own, would we then let our world end just because we wanted to save redundant work? Most of the calender systems in the last century startet at 1890 and ended in the year 2150. Was there no world before and will not be after?

We would just stay rational to our work and don’t continue it , as sooner or later some other generation will start developing their own calendarian system.

Would people in our future be afraid of the ending of our world when the end of our calender was reached?

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