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Q: What kind of a mobile phone do you have?
Jun 17, 2012
Q: What kind of a mobile phone do you have?

I have a touch thingy (:

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Windows Mobile – Fucking Whore
Dec 25, 2011 • via mobile

Today, my Windows Mobile phone re-installed itself without asking. Almost 2000 txt messages and all my call lists are gone forever… all my apps and settings – lost! 🙁

How can that be? How can a phone software even allow itself to do such a fail action?

DOES ANYONE OF YOU KNOW how to undo the self-install my phone did on it’s own? It’s a HTC Touch Dual with WM 6.1 …

I will now stay away from that Microsoft crap and I can only ask everyone not to use that fucking Windows Mobile shit. Android is much better.

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