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Facebook Level 120
Oct 08, 2012 • via SJD-Post for Android

I will tell all my friends that I’m gonna have sex now. At least I want to make you think so.

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Facebook Level 100
Jul 14, 2012

I’ll totally show off when I am drunk or I had to puke. At least every other day.

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Facebook Level 82
May 08, 2012

I will upload some ugly and blurred pictures of myself and write “I am so cute ♥” in the description.

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Facebook Level 75
Feb 28, 2012

“Oh, I am pregnant. If this status gets 100 likes, I will abort.”

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Facebook Level 61
Jan 28, 2012

“When having trouble in my relationship, I’ll put it all on facebook instead of talking to my partner.”

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Facebook Level 58
Jan 25, 2012

“I will make fun of everything that crosses my way. I promise!”

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Facebook Level 52
Jan 19, 2012

“I will flood my friends’ newsfeed with youtube links of every single song I listen to.”

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Facebook Level 50
Jan 17, 2012

“When I get 100 likes on this status, I’ll post a picture of myself naked.”

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Facebook Level 41
Jan 08, 2012

“Everyday I share at least 50 pictures of known funpages.”

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