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Facebook Level 58
Jan 25, 2012

“I will make fun of everything that crosses my way. I promise!”

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Facebook Level 52
Jan 19, 2012

“I will flood my friends’ newsfeed with youtube links of every single song I listen to.”

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Facebook Level 50
Jan 17, 2012

“When I get 100 likes on this status, I’ll post a picture of myself naked.”

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Facebook Level 41
Jan 08, 2012

“Everyday I share at least 50 pictures of known funpages.”

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Jan 05, 2012 • via facebook

“why wont any girl take my virgenaty.”
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    Guy 2
    “because you cant spell it”
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Omg…account hacked :c
Dec 27, 2011

“OH MY GOD… my account has been hacked!”
“Sry ppl, it’s not me who posted that link, it’s a virus.”


Ever had to write one of these two? Congrats. Your security line failed.
But that’s not a problem. We are humans to make and learn from our mistakes.


If your facebook account has gone wild and spreads links about stupid videos (“I bet you can’t watch this longer than 10 seconds”), your computer has caught itself a nice virus. How to get rid of…?
See more…

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Hello world!
Dec 14, 2011

Good news, everyone 🙂
I had some time to set up my new website. But I’m still missing some content on here.
So if you want something special to appear on my website, just let me know.

Have fun!

My Facebook ProfileMy Youtube ChannelMy Twitter

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Facebook DOs and DON’Ts
Jun 08, 2011

Facebook is the largest and most known social community in the world. Millions of users come together and share their activities. To make such a community safe and worth it, everyone should stick to a few simple rules.
This article shows you more than 30 things you should do or skip when you are on facebook. Read carefully, these rules will make ‘life’ on facebook much easier for you.

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