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Nov 02, 2012Youtube

The Simpsons came up with a very special episode this time.


In “Lisa Goes Gaga” (S23E22), American singer-songwriter Lady Gaga makes a visit to Springfield, where all of its residents are in a state of depression. Main character Lisa Simpson is arguably the most depressed person in the city, prompting Gaga to go out of her way to teach Lisa the meaning of happiness.


The episode was written by Tim Long and directed by Matthew Schofield. Gaga guest-starred in the episode, portraying an animated version of herself. A fan of the show, she was brought on by showrunner Al Jean, who wrote a script after James L. Brooks saw an interview of her on 60 Minutes.

The design team conceived eighteen outfits to compliment Gaga’s eccentric persona, which satirized several of her outfits including her meat dress (which btw. Homer tried to eat). Recording sessions for “Lisa Goes Gaga” took place in Los Angeles, California over four days in August 2011. Critical responses to the episode were mixed; critics praised Lady Gaga’s performance, while they looked down upon the episode’s concept and general execution. According to the Nielsen ratings, the installment attained 4.79 million American viewers upon its original airing.



I like the Gaga train. It might have been designed by Lady Gaga herself.


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