I love you!

Jan 01, 2013 • via my heart

It’s one year now, my love ♥
Today is our very special day. It is not only about holding hands or making out, but it was about building up something new. Let’s not waste our energy for other things anymore.

This goes out to my cute little angel. I love you and I always will ♥



It has not been a long time since we first met but I liked you at hello. The way you looked at me and you talked to me fascinated me. I knew that you were a special person. Though I only met you on the internet, I thought I could love you.

Long journeys by train and hours of travelling made it possible that we could finally meet. I’m still thankful that everything could happen as it did. You were finally in my arms. I felt like I would love you.

Over a few hours of talking, touching, kissing and cuddling we came closer to each other. We were watching movies, drinking booze and let it just be a good time. And indeed, it was a great time. I was sure that I love you.

Vanity and fame passed away form us. There were just two persons in this room: you and me. Connected by a strong feeling for each other. Confirmed by holding hands. Ensured by a passionate kiss. A new aera has just begun. I told you that I love you.

Endless shall our time be. Forever united in love. Just the two of us. Kissing you, holding you in my arms, watching over your sleep and interacting with you in every possible kind. I love you.

You and me, that is what we’ve been fighting for. We build our own world with two hearts and one soul. Our relationship is the heart-warming story that us alive. I love you.

Over the distance, love made us strong. It gave us the power to believe, to build and to create. We were made stronger and nothing can get between us. I love you.

United in eternity, that is what we are. That is what we ever were and that is what will never change.




We came together on Dec. 31st, 2011 and we will be forever ♥

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