New Style-Set

Oct 04, 2012

I finally had some time to work over my style set I use in this website.
Viewing the code over and over again, I found some parts I could improve. This might make it easier to display my website on various systems and browsers. For full compabitility, I still haven’t reached the end yet. So this is a call for you to report any bugs that cross your way browsing the website.


What’s new?

  • Quotation set.
  • Different icons for drafts and scheduled posts.
  • Dynamically compiled texture set for media display sets.
  • Enhanced cache for faster loading.
  • Gzipped templates and presets for video, audio, flash anims, etc.
  • And a lot of small things you wouldn’t even notice 😉


Have fun with the “new” old experience.
Sunny J. Divine

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