Improved deep tones

Sep 12, 2011

This entry is for a few good friends who are also into building speakers. I’m not goona write much on here. Some of you might remember about the transmission line subwoofer I build recently. Its functional princile allows the cube to generate long-wave frequencies, almost below the auditory threshold, with high clarity and without loss of dB. As I’m addicted to deep tones, a subwoofer cannot be good enough. Time to improve things a little 🙂

Technical data:
Size: w350 x h436 x d450 (mm)
Weight: 38 kgs
Cone: 1x 12″, 180cm channel
Power handling: 40-80 W trms
Freq. response: 12-80 Hz
Efficency: 98 dB / 1W

In order to improve the equality of the frequency response, I had to use two different damping materials. The harder foam is placed along the transmission line and the softer, alveolate foam is used in the main housing to swallow higher frequencies from interference. I left the sides undamped. All this allows the frequency range to be equalized and helps porting the very low frequencies (below 20 Hz).

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