Evolution of Music
May 26, 2013Youtube

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Hits of 2014 – performed with household items
Jan 01, 2015Youtube

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Yoon Mi Rae – Angel (feat. Tiger JK & Bizzy)
Dec 29, 2014Youtube

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84-year old man sings about a special lady
Jul 13, 2014Youtube

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What’s behind your facebook face.
Jul 11, 2014Youtube

This video perfectly describes what’s going wrong with our generation on social media.

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The Naughty Elves
Dec 06, 2013Youtube

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AVICII – Hey Brother (Julien Divine Power Mix)
Oct 07, 2013Youtube

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TeraBrite – Applause (Lady Gaga Cover)
Aug 21, 2013YoutubeWebsite

Awesome cover of Lady Gaga’s “Applause”

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New Image Gallery
Aug 13, 2013

I’m trying to implement a new gallery style which displays a “more” of pictures in a box on the right side.

For this test post, I randomly added pictures of the last posts. When finished, you will see a lightbox popping up, displaying all the images.

Try it out. Click this post and see the image box on the right side. You can navigate through the images with the arrow keys and close the gallery with ESC.

Also there is a new tooltip style for the main elements. For example, this tooltip or this link.

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Classic Open Air Firework 2013
Jul 22, 2013Youtube

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Real Eyes
Jul 19, 2013

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